State of the Mobile Web

2016 Annual Report

 Ecommerce Edition

Ecommerce is just another name for online commerce. The most popular ecommerce websites could serve as a veritable bellwether for the sector as a whole.

We profiled the websites of the Alexa® 500 in the Shopping category to get a sense of ecommerce readiness for an increasingly Mobile Web.



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Key Highlights

  • 83%

    The percentage of websites that are Mobile-friendly

  • 17%

    The percentage of websites that are Fast

  • 3908

    The average Speed Index of all websites1

  • 13%

    The percentage of websites that are both Mobile-friendly and Fast

  • 2.4Mb

    The average web page size2

  • 164

    The average number of HTTP requests

1. For cable Internet bandwidth (5Mbps)

2. Among websites that are either 1Mb or larger

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