For a Fast, Responsive, and Contextual Web

Our Story

Restive Labs is a creator of software and services to help anyone build Websites for Today and the Future. It was founded in 2013 by Obinwanne Hill, after an unfortunate series of events with a bunch of rogue and productivity-bustin' Media Queries that have since been vanquished.

We want to help Web professionals make Better Websites, and by "Better" we mean Fast, Responsive, and Contextual. So we are working on a number of techniques and building tools to help Web Designers, Developers, and Enthusiasts build awesome Websites that show and work well on any device and adapt to changing user expectations. We strongly believe that this will make the Web a happier place for almost everyone.


We want to make the Web Responsive, Fast, and Contextual by default, and we're building products to make that happen. Here's our current line-up.

  • Restive.JS

    A user-friendly Responsive Web Design Framework

    Go to Restive.JS  

  • Restive UI

    Smart Themes and User Interface Components for a Restive Web

    Coming Soon

  • Restivator

    Make any Website Mobile-Friendly in Minutes

    Coming Soon

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